Cycling Tour Jakarta

We have several cycling tour in Jakarta. Choose what you want to try..

1. Cycling Tour Jakarta - "Blok M Discovery Ride" Rp 350.000

Embark on an exciting cycling journey through the vibrant district of Blok M in Jakarta. Our "Blok M Discovery Ride" offers a unique exploration of this dynamic area, known for its bustling markets, eclectic street art, and diverse culinary scene.

2. Cycling Tour Jakarta - "Urban Exploration in the Heart of SCBD" Rp 375.000

Embark on a thrilling cycling adventure through the vibrant streets of Jakarta, centered around the prestigious Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Our "Urban Exploration in the Heart of SCBD" cycling tour offers a unique and active way to discover the city's dynamic atmosphere, iconic landmarks, and cultural gems.

3. Cycling Tour Jakarta - "Historical Journey through Kota Tua" Rp 450.000

Embark on a captivating cycling adventure through Jakarta's historic heart with our "Historical Journey through Kota Tua" tour. Explore the charming district of Kota Tua, where colonial architecture, cultural heritage, and a vibrant atmosphere await.

Package Includes:

  • Bicycle and helmet rental.
  • Guided tour with a knowledgeable and friendly local guide.
  • Refreshments, including bottled water and light snacks.
  • Entrance fees (if applicable) to specific attractions.
  • Reels Video documentation


Participants are expected to have a moderate level of fitness suitable for a 4-hour cycling tour.

Bike rental options are available for those without their own bicycles.

Join us on this exhilarating cycling tour, blending the excitement of urban exploration with the health benefits of an active adventure. Discover Jakarta from a new perspective as you pedal through its streets and immerse yourself in the city's energy.

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